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High quality products are achieved primarily due to the presence of our own foundry, created on the basis of modern German automatic line, the world's leading manufacturer of molding equipment, the HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO company, based on the Seyatsu method of making sandy-clay molds. Smelting of steels on a forming line, in combination with an EIRICH intensive mixer (made in Germany) and a set of LAEMPE automatic rod machines (made in Germany), is carried out using two 3-ton induction furnaces of the "Induktotherm" type and an electric arc steel furnace Chipboard-3, as a result of which the production is capable of receiving up to 600 tons of suitable casting per month.

All stages of the production of cast blanks are subject to careful technical control - from the selection of incoming raw materials, control of melting and heat treatment modes , before laboratory studies of the materials obtained. The accredited laboratories functioning at the enterprise, with the help of advanced equipment, allow to promptly control the quality of the resulting mixture, mechanical properties and chemical composition of materials, as well as carry out methods of ultrasonic and capillary control of workpieces.

The precision of cast products is achieved through the use of high-precision model-core tooling, developed by experts in the design and manufacture of foundry tooling, with the support of foundry technologists, using special 3D modeling software SolidWorks / KOMPAS and manufactured using a five-axis machining center DECKEL MAHO GILDEMEISTER (made in Germany) and milling and engraving machines VHF (made in Germany). < / span>

The capabilities of MZTA LLC allow manufacturing cast products of varying degrees of complexity according to the Customer's drawings.

Injection molding machine production:

The pipeline fittings production workshop is equipped with everything necessary for manufacturing parts, assembling units and testing products. On a total area of ​​13495.7 m 2 there are more than 300 items of both main and auxiliary equipment.

Since 2019, MZTA LLC is a member of the national project “Labor productivity and employment support”. Much attention is paid to the intensive modernization of production - the search and application of new technological solutions and, as a result, a reduction in production cycles, an increase in productivity and work culture, which is the basis for ensuring the quality of products.

During participation in the national project:

- 36 units of new equipment were put into operation, of which: radial drilling machines in a quantity 2 pcs., Horizontal universal lathes in a quantity of 9 pcs., CNC lathes in a quantity of 3 pcs., Stands for hydraulic tests in a quantity of 2 pcs., Industrial shot blasting machine, milling metal-cutting equipment, X-ray fluorescence analyzer X-MET 8000.

- new technological routes have been developed in the areas that have undergone modernization;

- more than 100 people trained in best practices to improve labor productivity;

- an employee motivation system has been introduced.

Thanks to the above processes, the rate of increase in labor productivity established for the enterprise by the Agreement on participation in the national project, which provides increase to the base year 2019 at least 10%, in 2020

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