JSC Murom Industrial Valves Plant


JSC «Murom Industrial Valves Plant» was founded in 1998 and specializes in construction of:

- steel gate valves;

- cast iron butterfly valves;

- steel flanges;

- joint of pipeline.

At first we produced 1000 steel gate valves per month with diameters from 50 till 100 millimeters, but in less than 5 years Murom Plant had grown to be one of Russia’s leader of valves market and by 2004 manufactured 12.000 various types of valves (from 50 mm. till 300mm.), with a turnover of more than $2bn. per month.

Top managers of the company have been working together as one team since the date of establishing the company. The atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between the top executives, created during 7 years of teamwork, promotes greatly the success of Murom Plant.

Our staff can be regarded as the “main asset” of Murom Plant and the major force of development of the company. The united professional workers, engineers and other specialist are capable of successfully dealing with tasks of any difficulty level. Responsibility, initiative, creativity and focus on results – these qualities of our personnel help Murom Plant to satisfy and even exceed the client`s requirements.

Currently the corporate staff of Murom Plant consists of 500 people.


For the period of our work we have been proved by our consumers like durable, experienced and flexible manufacturer and supplier.

We maintain some inventories to support consumers and distributors.

Our products are approved by leading Water supply, Warm supply, Oil and Gas companies in Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. Among of the them are: GASPROM, MOSTRANSGAS, SEVERGASPROM, SURGUTNEFTEGAS, SIBNEFT, TATNEFT etc.

The consumer’s good challenges are our best award.


Our goal is simply to manufacture and furnish high quality valves according to requirements and specifications of consumers.


Our valves are applied for gas, oil, water and steam. They could be extensively used in petroleum, gas, water supply, warm supply, energy and other industries.

Features of our valves are design, durability, outstanding quality and best «price-quality» ratio.


Quality control is started with the control of raw materials and the selection of suppliers. Quality is built in each step of manufacture and then verified and optimized in the final products. All products manufactured go through a 100% examination process. Every valve is tested and every item has own number. So any time we know the fate of our valve.


Valves’ market is very competitive. We always remember it!

Our workers, engineers, economists and managers work together to provide appropriate technology, good quality and competitive price for you.